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Waitlist Frequently Asked Questions

Logging In

Why do you ask for the permissions you do?

  • characterClonesRead - To check your implants (if applicable)
  • characterLocationRead - To check your current location to ensure you are in the correct system
  • characterNavigationWrite - To set a waypoint to the focus for you if you choose to do so by clicking on the system name on the waitlist
  • characterSkillsRead - To check your skills

Why do I have to click the Authorize button on the EVE website twice? If you are an FC, your first login does not grant the waitlist the full permission set it requires. Thus you will immediately be redirected back to the authorization prompt. This time, there will be extra permissions displayed which will also be granted. The second authorization will then log you in fully.

Joining the Waitlist

Why do I have to re-tick the roles I'm willing to do every time I waitlist? This is to ensure that all users who tick the boxes for roles are willing and able to do them for the session. This allows us to enforce the fact that people who tick the boxes for roles should volunteer when asked and ends the previous system of everyone ticking the boxes and then claiming they forgot to untick the box and are feeling very tired. This way FCs can give the priority invites (when needed) to the people who are really willing to do the roles.

Waiting for an Invite

I was in position #1 but for DPS but another DPS pilot was invited instead of me, what happened? Invites are issued at the active FC's discretion. If there is heavy contesting happening, or there is particularly high demand for the fleet, they may choose to occasionally skip basic fits in favour of advanced fits to keep the fleet running fast.

Will I lose my place if I change my fits? Please ensure you always have at least one fit in your fit management area to avoid losing your waitlist place. If you wish to update a fit, please add the new fit and then delete the old one. You will be warned by the system if removing a fit will lose your waitlist position.

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